This is my eminent speech outline, loosely following the structure of Freytag’s Pyramid. (quotes that have actually been said are put in quotations) This is subject to change!

Exposition/Inciting Incident:

I’m sick of being used just to have a whiff of exoticism, but only where the directors see fit. I can’t get lead roles because the male lead is white, and there are laws that prevent interracial romance. Is there even a point in auditioning for those roles when I know I won’t be cast?

Rising Action:

I refuse to play your stereotypical roles villainizing my race.

“I was so tired of the parts that I had to play. Why is it that the screen Chinese is nearly always the villain? And so crude a villain -murderous, treacherous, a snake in the grass. We are not like that.”

  • Using her platform to speak out about casting discrimination after finding success in europe.


Why is it that a German actress gets the lead role of O-lan, a Chinese and I, a Chinese in the flesh, get offered the role of Lotus – the villain yet again- because I am too Chinese for the directors’ tastes? I have worked hard all my life, earned success all over Europe only to come back to Hollywood and find this.

“There seems little for me in Hollywood, because, rather than real Chinese, producers prefer Hungarians, Mexicans, American Indians for Chinese roles.”

Falling Action:

not sure what I’m going to put here yet, but maybe something about her helping abolish the Chinese exclusion act?


Yes, I am Chinese. Yes, I am a prime example of the oriental woman that Americans want to see oh so badly. No, I will not be your cunning “dragon lady,” your deeply fetishized submissive “butterfly”. I speak 4 languages, but the language that I know too well is discrimination.