Jimmy has a fear of “planned departures”, as revealed in the scene where Crake and Jimmy are watching assisted suicides on the website nite-nite.com. Jimmy thinks about how “These planned departures made him uneasy: they reminded him of Alex the parrot saying I’m going away now.” (p. 49) He also remembers his mother and the note she’d left for him, and compares the events to the assisted suicides in the sense that they all planned to leave. This scene also reveals how Jimmy is almost a polar opposite from Crake, as he often wears his heart on his sleeve and is very emotional, whereas Crake “grinned a lot while watching [the assisted suicides]… he found it hilarious.” (p. 49) Part of his fear of departure may come from the fact that he is so emotionally dependant, given that his mother took his rakunk, (his best friend) and left. In my opinion, Jimmy’s character development isn’t very positive at this point in the novel. His experiences with his parents, who practically shun him, cause him to become detached emotionally from them, forcing him to befriend Crake, someone who he can’t relate to at all. From there, pornography and dope become central to his routine as these were some of the activities he often shared with Crake. This causes me to believe Jimmy would not be a strong role model, as he is easily influenced himself, as shown through his taste in media. Personally, I’m similar to Jimmy in the sense that he is a very emotional character. We share the same need and craving for emotional attention, as shown through the scene where Jimmy pesters his mother to the point where she breaks down in tears. Although Jimmy’s is definitely stronger, I possess some of the same emotional want.