Dear Theodosia is the second to last song of Act 1. This song is a mellow, soft song that portrays the softer sides of Hamilton and Burr. They speak tenderly about their children Philip and Theodosia. There isn’t much of a beat in the backtrack and it’s mostly just piano playing in the back. This is much more toned down than other songs like My Shot or Guns and Ships.

This is more of a song that is for character development rather than contributing to telling  what happened during the American Revolution. That said, this song holds the position of finding some sort of common ground between Hamilton and Burr. Musically, Lin Manuel Miranda shows their unity through the shared chorus at the end, where Hamilton and Burr sing together, agreeing on their mutual love for their children.They reflect on their childhoods as orphans and swear to stay by their sides, the lyrics “My father wasn’t around/I swear that I’ll be around for you” showing their genuine love for their children.

As the “bad guy” of the musical, this song exposes Burr’s soft side and shows that even “antagonists” are capable of showing love and gives the musical a sense of reality. The way Hamilton is represented in this song is very different from usual. Hamilton is usually very good with his words and good with his rhymes, however, in this song, the rhymes that he uses are very simple because he is so astonished/amazed and at a loss for words because of his son. For example, he rhymes son with sun in the lyrics, “Oh Philip, you outshine the morning sun/My son.” There is some speculation that Lin Manuel Miranda used the words morning sun because it sounds like mourning son, foreshadowing what will happen to Philip in the future. As well, another reference that is made is the lyrics “blow us all away” and it refers to when Philip is literally blown away by a gun in a duel, later in the musical.

A theme that I believe is apparent is legacy, this theme recurs everywhere in the musical and in this song it is portrayed through the love and want for their children to make a mark on the world, the lyrics “You’ll blow us all away/Someday/Someday” telling us that Burr and Hamilton believe that their children will also be able to play key roles in history later in life.

In the reprise of this song (which wasn’t included in the musical because it was confusing to the viewers as neither Theodosia, Burr’s wife or Theodosia, his daughter were onstage characters), Burr is writing a letter to his daughter, thinking of how he should inform her of her mother’s death. Again, it exposes a soft side to Burr. In this track, he often breaks into sobs and doesn’t finish some of his lines. This shows again how much Burr loved his family. Basically, this song is a tender, touching song that shows the soft side of Hamilton and Burr.